Wall Mounter – A Day to Remember

I was sitting at a restaurant the other night and happened to hear three older women say “this is one of the few restaurants in the area without a bunch of dead animals on the wall”. I laughed and thought to myself, no wonder why I feel so out of place.

About a week ago I picked up my latest taxidermy and was faced with the realization that I am running out of wall space and need a bigger house. Or my own house since my wife is a little tired of decorating around my art.

The Mount and the Memory

But it’s important to me. I like to be reminded of the days that I don’t want to forget. The day that was supposed to be a normal fishing day, but one that turned out to be a story that was told over and over so many times to those not there. It doesn’t get any better than that, does it?

This particular walleye I just got back was caught on the Saginaw Bay and weighed in at 10 pounds, 27 1/2 inches. I love the addition of the driftwood, and most of my mounts have it. I’m still working on getting a few more perch to get my stringer mount finished. Shugars Taxidermy in Indian River did a great job and I highly recommend them.

Let Me See Your Mounts

I’m excited to keep adding to my collection. And I hope some guys catch their mounters on one of my charters. I’d also love to see your trophy’s in the comments section. You worked hard for them, show them off.

Until next time. – Captain Jon

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