Northern Michigan Ice Fishing: Bait Bucket Blunder

As a northern Michigan year round ice and open water fishing guide, I have been through countless minnow buckets. You buy the cheap foam bucket but the lid breaks off, cracks or leaks. Not to mention, the freezing of the water!

The next trip, you upgrade to the plastic model which also has a flimsy breakable lid, spills in your sled on the way to your favorite hole or leaves you trying to save the lives of a few dozen minnows flopping around the bottom of your shanty.  And yes, water also freezes in subzero temperatures in plastic buckets!

After many years of trial and error and a truck load of faulty buckets, my search is over.  I recently purchased a 13 quart Engel Live Bait Cooler from Frank’s Great Outdoors in Linwood, MI.  The cooler is made with a durable plastic shell, well insulated walls, equipped with an aerator and a lid that seals with metal latches making it spill proof during rough rides out to the fishing hole.  Other important features include; a waterproof aerator pump and an integrated dip net which is perfect for the outdoor elements. If you are looking for a minnow bucket, end your search now and pick up an Engel Live Bait Cooler that will not disappoint.

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Fresh bait and tight lines,

Captain Jon and the MFM Sport Fishing Crew

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